“Where are the women? A guide to an imagined Scotland”with Sara Sheridan

Fri 25th Sept at 7pm

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Join Sara Sheridan, author, writer and community activist, in a conversation with Professor Cliff Hague, the chairperson of the Cockburn Association, entitled “Where are the women? A guide to an imagined Scotland”.

The conversation will focus upon Sara’s meticulously researched book of the same name, published last year by Historic Environment Scotland. In this imagined guide to Scotland’s towns and countryside, Sara brings to light many of the women who have been sidelined in Scotland’s history and creates a new atlas where these often unknown or forgotten women are commemorated in street-names, statues, plaques and landmark dedications. Sara and Cliff will discuss how Edinburgh, a city with exceptionally few memorials to or statues of women, could look if this historical and commemorative imbalance was to be equitably addressed.

This is the fifth of five different and distinctive “Cockburn Conversations” in a series called “Opening the Doors to Hidden Histories” curated specially for the Cockburn’s 30th year hosting Doors Open Days events in Edinburgh.

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Sara Sheridan is an author, writer and community activist, perhaps best known for her Mirabellle Bevan mysteries, a series of historical novels based on Georgian and Victorian explorers. She has been named as one of the Saltire Society’s 365 most influential Scottish women, past and present, and has written several non-fiction works, most recently Where are the women? A guide to an imagined Scotland, named by the First Minister as one of her favourite books of 2019. An significant voice and key influencer on Scottish social and traditional media, Sara is also a patron of the Edinburgh charity Its Good to Give, which provides support for critically ill children and their families.

Professor Cliff Hague is a freelance consultant, researcher, author and trainer and chairperson of the Cockburn Association. Professor Hague taught generations of Scottish and international planners and was Head of the then Department of Town and Country Planning in Edinburgh College of Art / Heriot-Watt University. Today, he is Professor Emeritus of Planning and Spatial Development at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and has previously been the President of the Royal Town Planning Institute, and of the Commonwealth Association of Planners and the Chair of Built Environment Forum Scotland.

Founded in 1875, the Cockburn Association is Scotland’s oldest conservation body. Our purpose is to enhance the amenity of Edinburgh and its neighbourhood and to protect its rich architectural and landscape heritage. We are a membership organisation, open to everyone who is passionate about our city.  “Cockburn Conversations” provides a contemporary and public forum, reminiscent of the coffee houses, salons and taverns of Edinburgh in the age of Enlightenment, where we discuss and debate important contemporary civic issues that affect the city and its communities today.

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